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Did Kleincrew just burn Sickness about her blue oni doll? Because I found it not only funny, but also true. Sickness, your dolls are unique and its amazing you made them as they are, but what you have done is not a permanent fix. In your most recent photos of your mr.Wolf, you can see its chipping in his joints so there will be a time where you will have to fix that if it gets worse. So yes, its possible to customize dolls to be like a recast, BUT as its been brought up various times, not everyone in this hobby is like you so dont compare other people to your skills. Not everyone has the resources, the level of customization, the money, the risk ruining a doll if it doesn’t go right (especially on a rare head or fullset), and for some people, what you are doing would be cheaper and less of a hassle if they bought the doll as a recast instead of taking those chances. So please Sicktress, stop basically saying “If I can do it, so can you!” because its very misleading and if you have lived life as the rest of the world, you know that being told that is not always true.

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So, as far as I can tell, you’re basically saying that because you’re not artistic enough to do customization yourself, and because you can’t pay someone to do something you’re not able to do yourself, you’d prefer to steal?  You can’t bother to choose a company that will do fantasy-colored resin for you, despite the many companies adding that to their lineup?  You can’t maintain a doll’s bodyblushing?  *ALL* dolls have wear and tear on them over time.  Unsealed dolls get grimy.  Sealed dolls get marks in the sealant.  Bodyblushed dolls chip.  It happens on all dolls, no matter what the type.  Sicktress’ gorgeous Naoto looks AWESOME in real life.  His body paint isn’t any more worn than the bodyblushing on my dolls.  And, bonus, since she did the original customizing, she can fix it herself!  LIKE SHE JUST EXPLAINED.  He’s not any worse off than a legit tan or fantasy doll with a chip that exposes light resin underneath.

As for the idea that you are too broke to buy legit, that doesn’t make sense to me.  I’m not saying you’re not broke!  I’m saying, AS A BROKE PERSON, you should strive to NOT make other people broke, too!  STEALING from artists takes money away from them.  Why are they less worthy of being paid for their time and effort than you are?  Why don’t you have empathy for other people?

And, as for Kleincrew, she thinks that because she’s bought some dolls legit, she’s entitled to steal other dolls.  That’s not cool.  She doesn’t understand that the secondhand market helps fund new doll purchases.  Dolls, as durable goods, retain value.  I sell dolls to people who couldn’t buy them when they were first released, or at less than their value, because I want to get back some value so I can buy new dolls from the company.  People who shop secondhand aren’t hurting the doll market, they’re keeping value in the system, and that value gets back to dollmakers through sellers who go on to buy new dolls firsthand.  Recasts take value out of the doll market, because the money doesn’t go to artists at all.  Even someone selling a recast to buy a legit still keeps a fake floating in the market, sucking up value that should be passed on to the dollmakers instead.  Furthermore, Kleincrew just claimed that customizing a doll in a way she doesn’t like “ruins” the artist’s creative vision, completely ignoring that doll companies intend for buyers to customize the dolls.  And, of course, completely ignoring her own previous statement: “Also what kind of nosy little dicks are still trying to police what others do with their time and money? Is it yours? No? leave it and go play with YOUR dolls.”  Not to mention that one time she complained about how, with all the time and materials it takes to make her doll clothes, she can’t cut her prices any further… exactly like what doll companies experience.  >_>

So, tl;dr - Sicktress posts about her own doll projects to inspire people to look for afforable legit options.  Kleincrew posts trash talk to cut other people down and discourage creativity.  Please choose your role model carefully.

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I’ve owned a recast, I had it for a few months before selling it and buying a legit doll. I don’t want people to know I owned a recast because I feel guilty about it, thinking of it makes me feel ill. I wish I had never owned one when I could have spent the money on a different, legit doll. Mistakes happen, I don’t know if this makes me a horrible person, I’ve already spent just as much on two brand new dolls from the original company, not that makes it any better

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People make mistakes, and honestly I think we have all been tempted at some point, the important thing is that you got your head straight in the end.

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I know wouldn’t argue so much if I didn’t think people were capable of change. The reason I argue against recasts because I want people to see that it is a mistake that is harming the hobby. If people change their stance from pro-recast to pro-artist/anti-recast that is only a good thing. 

Thank you for sharing your experience. 

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“What doesn’t make sense to me is how some recasts are apparently more “ok” than others, or even the idea that some artists/companies “deserve” to be recasted. You guys realize that even if a doll is out of production, every recast sold still goes towards recasters getting their hands on more dolls, right? There are so many arbitrary “rules” on the pro-recast side of what’s okay and what’s not, and it’s like people don’t realize that recasters don’t care which dolls you think are “ok” to steal.”

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Recasts… I would never want one. Not just because it’s illegal, harmful for the hobby and ethically questionable. I wouldn’t want one because recast owners are continuously trying to defend their actions and they are trying to justify owning and buying recasts with stupid and ridicuolus reasons. Then they start to whine how everybody hates them and how they feel rejected by the people in the hobby. Well…. If you had bought legit one in the first place, NONE of those so called “reasons” would matter. You don’t have to try to find excuses for buying a legit doll. AND nobody gives a flying fuck about if you “don’t have the money” or any shit like that.

Let me tell you: I have been following this hobby for 5 years, and only now I’m getting my first bjd! Guess why? I didn’t have the money but I wanted one really badly, and actually SAVED MONEY I got from working. Now I’m getting my first doll, and I couldn’t be more happy even tough it’s still months wait before she arrives home.

If you really want something, if you love it, and need it, it’s worth all the waiting and working. That’s why I think recast owners are cowards. They don’t seem to actually want and love these dolls so badly after all, they just want them cheap and quick. I think it’s just sad. I love these dolls. It’s art. Made by artists. For artists. I think what really connects all these people in the hobby is their love for bjds.I love seeing all those dolls that have come to life with the power of love from their owners, and the skills of the sculptor. That’s why the biggest reason recast supporters make me mad is because they don’t care about these dolls that much. I think they can never enjoy the pure joy of having a doll you actually care because you have worked hard for getting it.  And I feel so happy and lucky because I, too, can soon become one of the proud bjd owners, who doesn’t have to be ashaimed of their doll.

Dear recast owners, buyers, supporters and recasters itself, I don’t hate you, I just pity you. You are all really missing out from the true happiness this hobby can make you feel, the  happiness where you can enjoy these amazingly beautiful dolls without all the hate and shame. Become proud, become legit. Work hard and prove your love for these dolls by supporting the people who created them!

as far as I know, the only “damage” that I seen recasts do to this hobby is not to any companies or artists, but mainly the community. It has caused more unnecessary hate, bullying, harassment, and more trust issues all because of people being paranoid and people they must get involved in someone’s life. Just you know, ignore them and not pay me any mind to the people you don’t like, recast and anti recast alike, it’s their loss for not buying the real thing and if they don’t share your opinion just go back to what you’re doing. In some situations, messing with something that did not to be messed with makes things worse and I’m sure this recast bullshit would’ve been gone a long time ago if people didn’t take it out of hand

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I had to reimburse a legit limited Soom doll because there was some minor problem with the certificate. The doll was a free choice doll that had it’s head swapped with another FC and was registered on the European registry, the buyer got suspicious about this, so I had to take a significant  monetary loss reimbursing the buyer and having the doll shipped back.

I am sure I am not the only one being screwed over by the prevalence of recasts like this.

And how can you even say that companies and artists aren’t damaged? Every time someone buys a recast instead of a legit, the company looses profit, profit that the recasters have no claim to. Even if they don’t release their yearly report, you can not deny that the companies are loosing some unknown amount of money to recasters.

You say we should just ignore them, but how can we, the recast owners show their jarring entitlement when they demand to be considered a part of this hobby, they won’t go away by them selves, they keep posting their bootlegs in galleries and tags, they keep recommending newbies to get bootlegs like it is completely okay. We want this community to be a safe space for artists and encourage creativity and recasts are tainting this.

Recast owners are certainly quick to cry “bullying” and though I am sure it has happened, I would be hard pressed to believe that it was as  prevalent as they want it to seem and it seems to happen to anti-recasters too for that matter, I would be no more willing to accept a bully into the community then a recast owner just to set that straight. That said, recast owners seem to be desperate to paint all of us as bullies they will be very liberal as to what they categorize as such, excluding them from legit groups, calling them out on their bullshit, being sarcastic, saying they deserve to have their illegal bootlegs confiscated and so on. I guess painting us as bullies is the only thing they can do as they can’t get any moral victory with supporting and financing theft as they do.

-Incoherent rant end-

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Actually that rant is really good! You have brought up some very valid points. 

Also the DoA contests have shown that the entitlement of the recast owners goes as far as them refusing to respect the rules and boundaries. Its hard to ignore when they are politely ask to not go for the prizes, because they are a donation from the companies that are being damaged by recasts, and they are like why should be not enter? Terms like bully and worse were cried out over this idea.

Some of them even go to enter their recasts out of spite. Then people wonder why pro-recast people have caused trust issues within the community. If you go to Den of Angels or Angels Unlimited you can find actual cases were people have sold of recasts as legit too. Again another reason for mistrust.

These are not paranoia, these are things we have seen happen to others and naturally we want to protect ourselves. In the BJD hobby we are often taking about a lot of money. It is only sensible to be wary, not just of the recast owners, but other known scams too. 

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If you only buy recasts of one company, that money still goes towards getting copies of any doll. Even if you only buy Fairylands or limiteds, you’re still funding theft of artist dolls and basics. It’s kind of stupid to justify that your recast of an LE “doesn’t hurt” when that money is just going to the same place and funding the same deeds.

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I believe recast owners choose not to understand this though…

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Recasts make me violently ill. I’m a freshman in highschool I only get 40 dollars a month, and I’m saving up for my first doll, a minifee. I’ve already bought all of my own faceup supplies, which were 65 dollars in total, and I’ve already calculated the price, and plus shipping might I add, and I’m fully prepared to save up for all of it. So to all of you people actively looking for recasts because they’re “cheaper” or you “Don’t make enough to afford a legit” stop ruining the hobby for others
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I will tell you all one thing (long post ahead)


You can make beautiful legit colored bjds too. Seriously. They can look like works of art too. No they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Yes you might have to do more research and put some work in! That’s what’s fun to me about this hobby. Not once did I ever think “I want a giant blue oni guy with hooves and I’m going to get a recast because no one offers it”.

I made my own damn blue oni. Out of random parts from random companies.

Not once did I ever think “I want a tan Soom Dia but I missed the order period and don’t want to spend that much. I’ll get a recast”.

I made my own damn tan Soom Dia.

Sure he’s not on the Soom body, and I had to wait (what is this waiting you speak of??) for MONTHS for someone to just sell a HEAD at a price I could pay. But for my grail, it was worth it. It wasn’t even tan!

I wanted a Minifee for cheap. I trolled the MP and found a Karsh head for $60!!!! and put him on a Resinsoul body. Sure he doesn’t have the Fairyland body, but

I made my own damn Minifee.

Please just do a little bit more research. You may not be able to get the *exact* thing you want if you don’t want to spend the money, you can get damn close. For cheap. And it might take some time, and it might be a hybrid (which is perfectly fine) but you will look at it and say

I made my own damn grail.








Wait… $90 is expensive for a bjd???


O.O Details?

Just… Don’t go on the bjd tag. I might have hurt myself trying to hold myself from replying.

Plenty of other people have replied. But seriously 10 bucks more would get you a Resinsoul 27cm. Even less for one of their tinies. 3 bucks more would get you a Mirodoll Lele. That’s not even going into non-resin options. argh!

Maybe they have no idea what they got? Especially if the seller was using the company sales photos. Idk I always want to think the best of people.

From the responses on their blog they seem to think no one will know and they don’t seem to care much. 

And now they’ve deleted the post and all the asks they got about it.

wow, backpedaling much? hopefully they’ll cancel the order and get a legit bjd… but judging by their now deleted posts, seems unlikely. this is why people need to research as much as they can before jumping into any hobby, especially an expensive hobby like this…

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