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For BJDDay. :)
(Also known as Hat day apparently)

I took the first 3 pictures a while back of a ‘Potrait Pictures of my current crew’ obviously a few dolls have left since then so they aren’t included here. I took Apple’s shot just today! I don’t if it sad or not that it only took like 5 pictures of him to get a good picture while the others was like 20+ pictures XD

time to throw out some dolls boxes… i have too many!

That fantastic moment when:


  1. You have finally saved enough money to spend on your doll and nothing bad has happened to take it away.
  2. When you qualify for an event item.
  3. When a company offers free shipping.
  4. When your doll comes home without you having to pay customs fees.
  5. The face-up is even prettier in person.
  6. You insert eyes and the doll’s “soul” comes out.
  7. When a doll “agrees” with your plans.
  8. When the smell of resin greets you when you unbox your doll.
  9. When someone who is afraid of dolls even admits yours is pretty.
  10. When the perfect limited comes around just when you also actually have the money to buy it.
  11. When a trade goes well for both parties.
  12. When someone draws fan art of your doll.
  13. When you receive a like / fave on your dolly pic, after a really shitty day.
  14. When the postman comes at your door, with a big box with your name on it and guess what’s inside it!
  15. When you find amazing items in ordinary stores, who are just perfect for your dolls.
  16. Your grail pops up on the Marketplace and you can afford it.
  17. When your dolly senpai notices you.
  18. When you realize you are someones dolly senpai.
  19. When you finally succeed at wig making / eye making / sewing / crafting / face-upping.
  20. When you meet a dolly friend who lives surprisingly close to you.
  21. When Mr(s) Floppy finally stands.
  22. You can’t notice any difference in resin color when you compare it to brand new resin of the same company.
  23. You come across the perfect sculpt for your character.
  24. When your pet is being adorable around / with your dolls.
  25. When your doll miraculously comes out unscathed from a scary nose dive.
Why do you care?



If anyone wants to use the “why do I even care, it’s not your money” argument, I will say this:

I care about the artists. People like Mr. DollShe-Ki‐yong and his mother, Miss Migi, Miss Tuesday (from ANother Secret), Soom’s sculpting time of Dimu and others, Elfdoll’s RAINMAN, and many more.

They don’t know me but I know them. Through the many years of hard work they’ve poured into these beautiful friends of ours. I would hate to see them sad, halt production of a new sculpt, or even close up shop because of recasts!

I would love to hear anyone else’s reason to why you “care”!

This a million times! I care because of the artists as well. And not only those mentioned above but everyone. Yes, it becomes more personal when you know the artist, when you’ve seen “behind the scenes”… Its also easy to steal from Volks because they are a “huge faceless company” correct? Wrong, have you all forgotten how personally Volks takes their SD lines? Besides how many “big companies” can you name in the hobby? Most companies I know of are made of teams up to five people.

And then you’ve got the: “But we don’t hurt artists” “We don’t buy artists’ dolls” so people that sculpt these dolls cease being artists as soon as they put a “blanket name” over their creations? If I were to cast my dolls and decided to call them “Magic Children [insert sculpt name here]” instead of “Soenatte [insert sculpt name here]” does it make me less of an artist? If I cooperate with shai -who is my best buddy in everything- and let’s say a better photographer and a better seamstress than me from among the rest of the student body in my university does this make me less of an artist?

What are the criteria for making people elligible for their livelihood to be stolen?

I care because I don’t want artists to suffer more than they already have to. Being an artist of any form is more than just hard in today’s economy. Never mind the fact that I also want to become a doll artist and have been sculpting dolls before I knew about BJDs even so the entire debate hits really close to home; and when I dare to voice my opinion on the matter as an artist, and without really insulting anyone, I was attacked by people wishing all my dolls get recasted once I cast them. By the same people who claim that they “don’t hurt artists and don’t buy artist dolls”.

I care because people devote their lives into making these dolls and this is making them lose heart. I care because sculpts have been pulled off the market because of recasting. I care because this is breaking the hearts of the artists, tearing the community apart and making new people that want to join as well as up and coming doll makers genuinely afraid to go on or even do anything. And I care because I’ve never been in so much love with a hobby and its creative community before.

So… here’s my own reasons why I care… ): 


Coco Tribe - Recast Notice
“Please do not support RECAST Dolls! We found that there is a Facebook account sharing url who is selling recast doll (illegal copy) which included with our dolls.
Please aware of unauthorized doll store. We will only provide our dolls to our agents. They are listed in our website. Please help us to report it to Facebook if you found any recast doll agent. You can welcome to confirm with us if you found any suspicious doll sellers.
Creation is needed to be support and protected. Please do not support any infringement and piracy. Thank you very much for keeping a heath environment in our doll world. And thank you for all your love support thought out the road of creation”

tell me again how recasts are not hurting bjd companies?


Coco Tribe - Recast Notice

Please do not support RECAST Dolls! We found that there is a Facebook account sharing url who is selling recast doll (illegal copy) which included with our dolls.

Please aware of unauthorized doll store. We will only provide our dolls to our agents. They are listed in our website. Please help us to report it to Facebook if you found any recast doll agent. You can welcome to confirm with us if you found any suspicious doll sellers.

Creation is needed to be support and protected. Please do not support any infringement and piracy. Thank you very much for keeping a heath environment in our doll world. And thank you for all your love support thought out the road of creation”

tell me again how recasts are not hurting bjd companies?


Original post here.


Original post here.

I will not tag my doll as a recast, you can get over that part right now. I will not post her in legit only places, but if I want to tag her as a her actual sculpt I will. Don’t go around saying I’m not allowed to tag her as the sculpt she is. It is fine that you don’t want me to bring her to meets, but my private tumblr/flikr aren’t yours to police.

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"Don’t tell me not to say that my ‘antique Japanese stone Buddha’ is an antique, just because I got it from Wal-Mart and it’s brand new! It looks like it could be a genuine antique stone Buddha from Japan that’s hundreds of years old, so it doesn’t matter that it’s actually painted concrete made in a builders’ yard on Teesside last year! If I want to say that it’s an Asian antique, and post it with tags implying that it’s a genuine artefact from a Buddhist temple, I don’t expect to be told to sod off!"

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I love you EAC! 

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How does buying a secondhand doll support the artist?


-A brief essay by EAC

1) Advertising

When someone sells a doll, it is usually because they no longer play with it or enjoy it. So it will have not been photographed or posted online for some time. Selling it brings the doll back to the attention of the community, and when the new owner buys it, they will usually start to photograph it and share it online. This is advertising for the company. Since most doll companies do not advertise in the West, this is as close to an advert as most of them have. This advertising encourages people to buy the dolls from the company.

2) Providing a barometer for the market

If an artist looks online and sees that their original dolls (not recasts!) are desireable, they may be encouraged to make another production run. They can be confident in doing this, because they know that people will buy them, since people are buying secondhand dolls.

3) Giving people security in buying from companies

If a customer knows that there will be a market for their doll if they decide to sell it on, then they can risk buying a new doll, even if they aren’t certain that they will like it. This means that the company will sell more dolls in the first place.

4) Allowing people to check the quality of a company’s dolls before committing to a new, limited release

Many people will be more inclined to buy a new release if they have already had the opportunity to handle an older doll by the same company, as this will give them a “feel” for the company’s resin and sculpting quality. A lot of people will buy a cheap, secondhand doll for this purpose.

5) Buying a secondhand body as a “base” for a new head/wings/fantasy parts

This allows customers to spend more money on buying new parts directly from the artist, and thus to support the artist’s newer work and to encourage the artist to produce more new sculpts.

Fairly simply - The secondhand market is never going to kill the first-hand market, because there are only limited numbers of secondhand dolls available. People will always want to buy both new dolls, and new sculpts of doll. This is why recasting is a problem - Effectively, recasting means that there are limitless numbers of secondhand dolls available, and thus destabilises this economy.

In the current cultural climate, buying secondhand is “supporting the artist” because it is implicitly saying “I will not buy a recast”, and sadly that’s where the lines have been drawn. It’s a low bar, but it’s the one that’s been set.

My desire for toys comes before an artist’s right to eat!

Shit Pro-Recasts Say (via shitprorecastssay)


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Okay, just a fair warning. I advise anyone who wants to buy this to be really, really careful, as I suspect this is a recast. Culur is a well-known recast owner, and she has passed her recasts off as legits many, many times before (to be frank, I have not really seen her state that her dolls are recast on any other site than Castaways, and she was banned from DoA for something related to posting her recasts on there, and she posts her recasts to the Resin Aperture challenges despite the group stating that they don’t accept submissions (or however it works) of recasts). The price is a bit too good for this one to be legit, so if you are to buy, I advice you to ask for any proof that the doll is legit beforehand.

(I don’t normally reblog dolls I even suspect of being recasts, but I think this is important to warn about)


~Doll Chateau Christina~ FOR SALE!

She’s my beautiful fixer-upper project that I spent a lot of time with other the summer. But it’s time for her to fly!!

Everything in the pictures included; $380 including shipping~

She has a few knicks here and there from her previous owner, but nothing terrible. 
Message me / Email me for details!

Boost. Thank you, Winonaflammery.

I am fairly sure she listed it as recast in one of the Facebook groups

Thanks for your (sorta) confirmation! Someone tell
about this so he can sass up this post; I don’t have something good enough to add off the top of my head

[You complete the ritual perfectly to specification, with the full teacup, bar of tar-soap, and wreath of opium poppies. EasilyAnnoyedCamwhore appears on your dashboard in a haze of cigarette smoke, raises an eyebrow and coughs loudly.]

Good evening, Tumblr. I’m not feeling sassy, but I’m feeling longwinded, so sit on my lap and listen to your bedtime story.

Firstly - I am so disappointed that this is a recast (Why yes, I do just believe everything that WinonaFlammery says. WinonaFlammery could say that the sky was green, and I’d immediately go and get an eye test, that’s how good her judgment is) because someone has evidently put a lot of time into making a fake look really good. That’s a waste of effort comparable only to plaiting a horse’s tail when it’s on its way to the dog food factory.

Secondly - This is exactly what the problem is with recasts. It’s difficult to tell that they’re recast unless you have them in your hand, and even then it’s not always easy. And since prominent and well-liked figures in the recast community are willing to sell fakes as legits, it’s really reasonable to assume that most people in the recast community are fine with that (Sort of like how it’s reasonable to assume that a fan of Henry Rollins might be straight edge). Thus adding “Happy to defraud people ‘in their community’” to the list that we already have of their flaws as a group, which includes “Do not care about the rights of artists” and “Do not care about the legal position of the import of counterfeit goods in most of the Western world”.

Thirdly - You might spot that I put “in their community” in quotation marks. Those were scare quotes, because I really don’t think that you can claim to be “All one doll community” when fake-collectors are happy to defraud BJD-collectors into thinking that they’ve bought a BJD when they’e actually bought a fake. That’s not the action of a good neighbour, and since this is supposed to be a community of shared interest, you’d think that we’d all stick together and not try to scam each other. I’m not saying that BJD-collectors as a whole don’t sometimes turn out to be scammers - As someone recently pointed out, Kazakai was a walking cash-vacuum and he didn’t own recasts - but we tend not to try to sell our dolls as being something that they aren’t. There’s not a large section of the BJD community trying to pass off standards as limiteds, or Bobobies as Sooms, but there is a well-accepted section of the fake-collecting community who try to pass off fakes as legits.

Fourthly - If fake-collectors were actually doing what they said they did; Basically what Atuno does (I have a lot of time for Atuno), of tagging her fakes as fakes and making sure that they don’t get spread around into the BJD-collecting community as far as she’s able to stop them being spread, I’d still think they were a problem, but they’d be a different kind of problem. They’d be a problem to the artists, but not a problem to the community, and thus the community would be in a stronger position to actively remove them from BJD-collecting forums. The fact that fake-collectors aren’t willing to share their fakes solely with other fake-collectors, whereas BJD-collectors are more than happy to only share their BJDs with other BJD-collectors suggests that on some level the fake-collectors know that fakes are inferior.

Fifthly - Oh sod it, I’m tired and this is getting long and I’m sad about it, because now I really don’t want to buy dolls off anyone that I don’t know personally, which puts a lot of the older dolls that I want out of my reach. See my earlier post on buying secondhand and also that if everyone feels like this on an individual level the secondhand market is going to completely collapse, and probably take a good chunk of the community spirit of the doll hobby with it. Get your own cocoa, I’m going to bed.

[EAC vanishes back to his study, leaving nothing but a fading smoke-ring and a handful of pins.]

Do you know how shitty it feels to come home to my recast (a gift) and hear I’m a bad person? It really hurts my self-esteem, and makes me feel awful. Don’t even tell me antis don’t do harm, you’re awful if you believe they are completely innocent.


Do you know how shitty it feels to have money stolen out of your pocket over a toy? Do you?

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I’m sure it really hurts the artists’ self-esteem that people prefer to buy knock-offs of their work rather than support them.

I bet it makes them feel pretty awful too.

Don’t even tell me recasts don’t do harm. You’re awful if you believe they’re completely innocent. 

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The whole point of this post is that antis are not polite and belittling. People need to get off their high horse. Their fucking dolls for christ sake, stop making the whole situation more then it is.

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How many times do we have to have this argument with every one of you stupid assholes trying to redirect the issue. It doesn’t matter if our hobby is dolls or highly detailed dog turds cast in resin or masks or what not, the point still remains whatever it’s about someone made the thing and you fucking took it and didn’t pay them for it. If you buy a recast you might as well walk into a con and give some dude twenty bucks to go shoplift a physical item off a table for you except it’s fucking worse than that because you’re paying him to shoplift the item and then copy it and take all the profits the artist should have gotten for their hard work.

And you know what, no I’m not going to get off my high horse. Fuck you if you think that it’s a-okay for someone to take away another person’s ability to make a living doing their craft. Fuck you if you think that ‘Pro-Recasts deserve respect’ because really, people who willingly take away a person’s ability to feed and clothe and shelter themselves for a toy doll are just about the shittiest people I can think of in a context that doesn’t involve human trafficking or torturing people,

Fuck the idea that Pro-Artists need to play nice and polite with Pro-Recast assholes who are ready and willing to shit all over hard working people and fund more shitting on more people because they can’t handle not having a hunk of resin they can’t legitimately afford. Literally the argument hasn’t changed on the recast side it’s just turned into a lot of sobbing and tone policing and ooo it’s so mean to act like I’m stealing when you are fucking stealing things.

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Like fuck pro-theft bullshit deserves politeness or respect in return. I am not going to coddle someone because they were made to feel bad after they did something shitty and can’t handle being called on it.

As for the OP; yeah, no. Just because you were gifted a recast doesn’t mean you have to support them and what they represent. And if you don’t support them what do you have to feel bad about? Educate the gift giver if you feel they might slip up again since some people who aren’t aware of what recasts are & are buying as gifts might see the lower price tag & think it’s a bargain. This is another symptom of how recasts hurt the legit market, so unless you support buying recasts then it’s not exactly your fault is it.

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it’s a good day

Aww cutie! he seems to be enjoying the outdoors.

he did! i didn’t though, it was thundering/almost raining (but cloudy, awesome for photographing) and the wind was really blowing so i can’t tame his hair (keep getting messed up by the wind ;w;) annnd i was laying on the ground photographing him, my neighbors must think i’m a weirdo, hoho 

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it’s a good day


I love the way this legs are posed in the bottom picture ahhh. It looks so natural!

ahh, thank you XD
that’s the beauty of a minifee, they are so good at posing naturally <33

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it’s a good day

hi everyone, im not dead, just am sucked into the never endless addiction of video games so my dolls are being neglected (hoho) 

have some old photos of the same sculpts with way diff personalities!

luvbouy (mnf karsh) & apple (mnf karsh)
(can you believe they’re the same sculpt? daaamn)